Birth Philosophy

What is a Birth Philosophy?

Multiple Pregnant WomenBirth experiences are as unique as the children they welcome. Every woman comes into the experience with her own thoughts, convictions and desires. And birth itself and the experiences surrounding it will often change, shape, and direct her idea about birth for the rest of her life. A doula’s task is to come alongside each unique woman and family and help bring about a birth experience they believe in and cherish.


The challenge comes when each doula¬†also has her own unique ideas about birth.¬† These ideas about birth are a doula’s “birth philosophy.” A doula’s philosophy of birth and family matters will shape everything about the way her services are rendered. This is why it is important for anyone considering the life of a doula to work through her philosophy of birth. In this process, a doula will need to process any personal birth experiences, good or bad. Doulas cannot bring unresolved issues from their own births into each new birth they assist, or they may end up pressuring families for personal reasons, rather than just serving and celebrating with them.


Determining Your Own Birth Philosophy:

  1. Why do I want to become a doula?
  2. Were my own birth experiences positive or negative?
  3. Have I completely dealt with and healed from any negative experiences in my past?
  4. What do I believe about birth and families in general?
  5. What do I hope to help other women see and experience as a doula?
  6. How are my personal faith and convictions going to affect my service as a doula?
  7. What are my feelings and goals about natural birth and medical interventions?

It is important for a new doula to have answers to these questions, not only for her own philosophy and conviction, but also to be readily able to share these with potential clients and ensure compatibility for the birth journey.

Finding the Training That Works For You: If you have worked through your own feelings about birth and are interested in taking the next step toward becoming a doula, be sure to investigate the birth philosophies of any training program you consider. Each training and certification program for doulas will have its own philosophies and core values. Throughout training, your thoughts and feelings on birth may change or deepen, but it is important to consider the basic core values of each program and find one which aligns with your own core convictions and philosophy.