Doula Salary

What is a doula’s salary?

Labor Doula Salary-moneyBecoming a doula is usually a choice motivated by a passion for birth and desire to support women. It is not usually a high-salary position, but a doula’s salary is largely dependent on the location and the number of clients. The doula salary can be increased by providing extra services and resources to their clients. Also, doulas’ can increase their income by becoming experts in other birth areas, such as certified birth educators, breastfeeding lactation consultants, etc.


Being a doula in a large city like New York City or Seattle may be more financially lucrative than in a small town. Big cities offer a wider range of clients, and therefore a potentially larger high-income client base and the ability to charge a bit more for doula services.


Because of the flexibility required of the doula lifestyle, it may be challenging to schedule a large number of clients, and this also will affect income potential. It is important for the reputation of a doula that she not schedule too many clients and end up missing births.


Considering location, client-base and the experience of the doula, labor doulas usually charge between $300 and $1500 for their services. The average doula salary of birth doulas across the entire United States is approximately $45,000- $50,000*. This figure, however, includes the minority of doulas who make significantly more than the average, and is therefore a bit skewed. Most resources would indicate an average “full-time” doula salary should be between $15,000-$30,000 a year*.


Hourly and Additional Income

Labor doulas also may include hourly services, either included as part of their services, or charged hourly based on the client’s need. Antepartum and Postpartum doulas especially may choose to be paid on an hourly basis.


In addition, many doulas will offer “extra” services, such as birth education classes, lactation consultation, birth and newborn photography, placenta encapsulation, belly casting and more. These added services have a wide range of potential additional income to increase a doula’s salary.
If you are currently a doula, and would like to share salary information, please submit your information below to be posted to this page.
*Salary information determined from doulas’ word of mouth, and



  1. Shannon

    I charge $900 for my services, which include 3 prenatal visits, labor doula service, and 2 post labor visits.

    Usually I serve 5-8 clients per year, and bring in extra money for our family by being a doula. It is great for us, and I love to be part of a miracle!

  2. Tracie

    Hi. I live in New York, and I have been a doula for 3 years. I have attended 12 births, and charge $1200 for labor doula services. I also usually meet with the client at least 2-3 times before labor.

    My husband and I bring dinner for the new mom and family after the baby is born, and I love to be there to answer any questions.

    I want to learn more about breastfeeding, and how to provide support for this as well.

    • Tiffany

      Hi tracie,

      I live in NY as well and I’m interested in becoming a doula, what kind of degree is needed and are you a mom as well? If so do you feel being a doula provides you with a great schedule where you are not away from mom duties as much?

      Thanks in advance

    • Tracie

      Hi Tiffany! Sorry for just getting back to you on here. There are no required degrees to become a doula in New York. As far as I know, you do not need a degree anywhere in the USA.

      I have 2 daughters (12, and 9). It works out great for me. My husband is a firefighter, and is able to be home often when birth calls. If not him, then my mother is not to far away for me to drop off my girls. The biggest component is having appropriate child care. THIS IS A MUST because birth can call at any time, and last long hours.

      I do not do it for the money. Mainly the money just helps us pay bills and have a few more date nights! You wont be rich in the bank from being a doula like me, but it can fill your heart with treasures that cannot be bought.

      Good luck, Tiffany!

  3. Katie M.

    I am a labor doula in Chicago. I charge $1000 for labor doula. But if the client does not have enough money, I will charge less. I have been a doula for 1 year, and been to 4 births.

    • Marcia Antolin

      Hey Kristen M. I will like to know what are the requirements to become a doula in Chicago?

    • Veronica G

      Hi Katie M. can you tell me what program you went through in Chicago. Do you work for yourself or do you work with certain healthcare providers? I’m interested in how to get started once I become certified.

    • Misa James

      I live in Chicago as well. I am also interested in becoming a doula.

    • Brianna Merrill

      I live outside of Chicago and would love some info from you.

  4. Chrissy Lotinero

    Hi. I am considering a doula in Denver Colorado for my delivery in November. How much is an appropriate price to pay to have a doula come to the hospital with me?

  5. Rachel

    Hi ladies!! I’m considering becoming a doula. I’ve waited many years until our five children were old enough. Our youngest is almost 9, so I think it’s a good time. Can anyone tell me what program you trained through? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!!

  6. Delia

    Hi lady’s I live in New York City the Bronx I’m very interested in becoming a labor doula how do I start the process

  7. Amy Siebert

    Hi ladies, I live in Pittsburgh, Pa and am very interested in becoming a postpartum Dula. My husband and I own a business together but I am very interested in getting this certification. If anyone has any info on how to go about this I would love to chat.

  8. Misty

    Hi! I am interested in becoming a Doula and was wondering where do I get started?

  9. Amanda C.

    I live in VA and am very interested. I had an amazing doula in NC for the birth of my last 2 children and it gave me the motivation to seek this as a career. I would love more info on getting certified in VA.

  10. Alexandra H

    I will be training to become a doula starting October 3rd in Charlotte. I will attend a workshop by prodoula. This agency’s training sounds well rounded since it covers the business side as well. Go check them out.

    • DonnaSusan M.

      Thanks For the Info ProDoula in Charlotte …North Carolina ? I’M in Orlando, Florida There are two places to train and become Certified…One in Winter Garden….& One in Winter Park…. Im searching for Their Addresses/Phone # Costs ( about $500. for the…about 30 hours of training.) ….. YEA Live Births !!!!!

  11. Tina Rentas

    I want to help women in their labor and after care.i would like to take a training here in New York City. If you know any classes I can take, please email me. Thank you … Tina Rentas

  12. Jenn

    I suggest getting trained through DONA international. You can take the training anywhere in the country, and then do your certification remotely.

  13. Texas Doula

    There are many programs you can go through to get certified. I’m going through DONA International but CBI is another good one.

  14. Amy

    I am a post partum doula in Richmond, VA I am trained by a DONA approved class and working on certification. I have already been doing this work for years but hoping to charge more after being certified. If you go on a DONA site you can get info on local training in your area I charge $20 per hour and usually work a client for six weeks providing overnight care

  15. Christina

    I work as a doula in palm beach florida and make quite a big salary. I charge around 1,000 per birth but am certified with helping out the breastfeeding and work with a company that is always growing! I make around 4-10 thousand each month depending how many times I want to experience the cute little ones coming into the world! Some months I only do around 3-4 births other times 10 or more!

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