“Extra” Doula Services

There are so many opportunities to assist new mothers and families throughout the entire birth process. Many doulas offer “extra” services in addition to providing support during labor.

Some popular “extras” are:

Lactation Counseling

    Breastfeeding is often very challenging for new mothers. A lactation counselor is usually certified with additional training specific to breastfeeding so that she is able to provide assistance immediately after birth, and throughout the first weeks, to help mom and baby make breastfeeding a success.

Placenta Encapsulation

    Placenta encapsulation is the process of drying and powdering the afterbirth and placing it into supplement capsules for easy consumption. The opinions on placenta encapsulation are extremely varied and usually very strong. Some research suggests incredible health and wellness benefits from consumption of the placenta. It is nutrient-rich and many women experience significant decreases in postpartum depression from consumption. Some doulas offer this service to make these health benefits available to more women.

Childbirth Education Classes

    Becoming a doula often requires extensive education and experience with the entire realm of childbirth. This primes many doulas to pursue additional education and/or certification to become a childbirth educator and offer their expertise via classes for expectant parents.


    Doulas that are gifted with an artistic eye can easily couple photography services with their doula support. This can be the perfect way to help families remember the awe-inspiring and beautiful memories surrounding the arrival of a child.

Belly Casting

    Pregnancy is a beautiful and unique time. Some doulas have started to offer help with belly casting services to allow families to make a mold of the mother’s beautiful pregnant form and keep it to display as an artistic celebration of this time.


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