Training & Certification

Formal certification is not necessary to become a doula. A doula can participate in a training program but not apply or pay for certification. She may also learn through an apprenticeship or mentorship. There are, however, significant benefits to being certified and it is highly recommended.
  • Standard of Education:

    Doula TrainingThe certification programs are designed to make sure you have the knowledge and experience you will need to be a successful doula. These programs also often give you access to resources and information you may not have on your own.

  • Credibility:

    Certification immediately advertises credibility to your training.

  • Database listing:

    Certification also often allows you to be listed in search databases so your services can be more easily found by clients.

  • Marketability:

    Ultimately, un-certified doulas may have difficulty finding interested clients. The freedom within the realm of certification allows for doulas to support woman with a variety of philosophies and experience.



Doula Training and Certification Requirements:

The options for doula training and certification are broad and varied. Check back soon for a chart comparing some of the most prominent options and requirements for training, both online and in person.