The following items are some great resources to help you on your journey to become a doula. Please feel free to check them out. As we believe in transparency, please understand that these are affiliate links. If you purchase any of the items below we will receive a small affiliate pay. This helps us keep this site going, and pay for our internet usage.


Comprehensive e-book on How To Become A Doula
his is the ultimate guide on how to become a doula, written by the career experts at Fab Job. This is an excellent resource if you are serious about becoming a doula, and want to earn a living being able to do what you love. This guide is about the training required for a doula, as well as the business basics needed to sustain your career.
Guide For Doulas The Ultimate “How To” Guide For Doulas ~ How To Become A Doula And Create A Successful Business Doing What You Love!
This is a short kindle book by April Rain. She is a Doula based in Utah. The book can be read quickly, and gets directly to the point, as you would expect from a “How To” guide on becoming a doula. She talks about the business points, as well as training and certification. This is a must read for anyone just starting on their decision to become a doula.
 Postpartum Doula Guide Nurturing the Family: The Guide for Postpartum Doulas
If you are considering becoming a postpartum doula, then this book is a must-read. It empowers you to know that you are more than just a babysitter, or a house cleaner. Jacqueline helps to make it clear that the role of postpartum doulas is extremely important. You are a wonderful part of a family’s story, and you deeply impact their ability to work as a family unit once a baby is born. Check out this book and make it part of your list if you want to become a postpartum doula!
Commonsense Childbirth
This is an older book,  but so beautifully straight-forward and empowering! The tone and quality of information in this book will be tremendously helpful for anyone wanting to become a doula. As a doula it is vitally important to understand the process and implications of birth. This book is the perfect resource to introduce both doulas and mothers to these facts in an easy-to-understand voice that will leave you feeling confident and well-informed.

Childbirth Without Fear: The Principles and Practice of Natural ChildbirthChildbirth Without Fear is a classic in the world of empowering birth education. It is an excellent and thorough resource covering the physical and emotional hurdles women encounter with birth. If you are looking to become a doula, this is a must-read for preparing yourself to coach and encourage women through the amazing process of birth!

Taking Charge of Your Fertility: Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health
This well-known guide is a detailed and thorough look at the ins and outs of women’s bodies and fertility before, during, and after pregnancy. Though not directly about becoming a doula, it is a great resource to have on on hand, as doulas are often consulted and trusted with questions about these topics. Having answers and a place to point your clients will make you an even more valuable doula!


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